Owengine Roadmap

  • Improve SEO (Alt tags, Image Titles, Urls, etc).
  • Improve Text Editor.
  • Improve Multilanguage support.
  • Optimize page load speed.
  • Optimize cron jobs.
  • Optimize database tables and data.
  • Optimize ssl support.
  • Improve sitemaps.
  • PNG images full support.
  • Imagemagick support.
  • Fully adjustable pages for CMS pages.
  • Better theme support.
  • Plugin userfiles retention (Prevent files deletion on plugin unistallation).
  • Admin levels, like user roles for admin panel access.
  • Native Mp4 video add/upload in Text Editor (Not video gallery).
  • Plugin auto deactivate on error to help errors prevention.
  • Built in API full support.
  • Submenus implementation.
Our main goal is to make this software ready to work on any scenario as soon as you install it.
We need to make it better, faster, stronger, with better themes to be able to make it work on a static website for your enterprise, a forum only, a social network, a store, and everything at the same time if you wish.

This is an unordered list, some things may come before and some others may come after. There is no exact date for every update.

Do you want us to work faster? You can help us making donations. Or if you are a developer, you can help us sending pull requests in our public repository.

Thank you all for your support.