OWENGINE CMS is licensed under Common Public Attribution License 1.0.

In order to use the Oxwall source code we had to liberate OWENGINE under the same license.

Here is an extract from regarding the license:

"This software is open source and can be freely used, modified, and distributed.
This software can be used for commercial purposes.
Attribution to the authorship of this software in the source code files can not be waived under any circumstances.
Attribution to the authorship of this software on the site frontend in the form of labels and hyperlinks can be waived with permission of the original author."

If you want to remove the Oxwall Attribution License, you need to go to and send them a donation to remove the Image and Link from the bottom of your website.

If you want to remove the OWENGINE AttributionLicense from the bottom of your website, you need to donate at least 50 USD to, this donations are helping us to make improvements in this software, fix bugs, and add security updates.

The Oxwall licenses and trademarks are owned by Skalfa, OWENGINE is a new branch of Oxwall made by independent developers, we are fans of Skalfa and Oxwall, there is no correlation between Oxwall Developers and OWENGINE Developers.

Our main goal is to enhance this software and make it grow as high as we can.