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Dave Member
Dave Aug 19 '18
This was reported by another developer over on the oxwall forum. 

In ow_system_plugins/base/classes/file_storage.php


public function copyFile( $sourcePath, $destPath )    


if ( file_exists($sourcePath) && is_file($sourcePath) )        


copy($sourcePath, $destPath);            

chmod($destPath, 0666);            

return true;        


return false;    


If you copy and file to site root / it breaks the entire site with a Permission Denied

Perhaps 755 would be better or a check for if copying to / then 755?

Alexander Developer
Alexander Sep 29 '18
Thank you. Will address this in next update.
OW-Ghost Member
OW-Ghost Oct 2 '18
next update :)...things are still moving here great news :)