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Wells Anderson Member
Wells Anderson Jul 30 '18
Maybe this already exists; I'm new to Oxwall / OWENGINE. I am delighted that OWENGINE is up and running - Thank you!

For our classmates website, we would like to allow multiple members to contribute photos to the same Photo Album. Currently it seems that only the creator of an album may add photos to it.

Dave Member
Dave Aug 1 '18
Hi Wells,  

Remember that owengine is just the core all by itself, what you want would be a feature added to the photo plugin.  At this time owengine is not working on any of the plugins, just the core.  

ps i keep wanting to say Mr. Anderson like from the matrix, lol...

Wells Anderson Member
Wells Anderson Aug 2 '18
Hi Dave,

Agent Smith is so menacing when he addresses Neo (Reeves) and "Mr. Anderson"! Very cool.

Thank you for the fast response! 

I posted under the subtopic:  Plugins and Themes\ Make your requests for plugins, themes. For non existing plugins and themes only.
I figured that was the place to ask about a plugin with a feature that I couldn't find anywhere. I've also posted on the Oxwall forum.

Getting into the SciFi mood, the name, Dave, brings to mind the voice of HAL 9000 supercomputer in the 1968 movie, 2001:

Dave Bowman: Open the pod bay doors, HAL.

HAL: I'm sorry, Dave. I'm afraid I can't do that.

Dave Bowman: What's the problem?

HAL: I think you know what the problem is just as well as I do.