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Dave Member
Dave Jul 18 '18
It would be nice if the new store would someday have a feature that would allow devs to track if the plugin is still being used or not.  

For example:  

If i have granted or sold a license to a customer who no longer uses oxwall and i have verified this via contact with that customer. Then i should be able to remove that key from being used further.  

If i cannot verify with the customer then i need to be able to check to see if that plugin is still being used and what IP it is being used on.   

This may allow me to check the reverse IP lookup or other tool to see if the site is still valid, if not then i can remove the key, if valid then i will leave it alone. 

Doing this will help prevent valid keys from being prostituted all over the world when in fact the person using that key never purchased it or it was granted to someone else who is not using it.

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Dave Member
Dave Jul 19 '18
Ghost - it would be based on IP or Domain so if they moved to another server or just didnt use the plugin for awhile the key would not be removed because the domain or IP would still be active.    

The key would only be removed if:

1. Customer replies to email request and verifies they no longer use oxwall.

2. Both IP and Domain are no longer active and customer does not reply to email request.

3. A granted key was given as a courtesy and that courtesy no longer exists.  (A grant is not a valid contract for support).

Remember all valid sales from the past can be verified via devs records and any key re-established if the customer comes back to oxwall.  So someone just temporarily not using the plugin or moving servers would not apply to this request.

There are just too many keys floating out there that are not used and wont ever be used again by the owner.  So why have them floating around out there waiting for someone with malicious intent to use them illegally.   Every company i know of that issues software licenses has ways of filtering unused licenses or re validating them should the customer want to use the software again some time in the future.  It just makes good sense.

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Dave Member
Dave Jul 19 '18

Again the plugin tracker would only check one or all of the following:

1. Is the domain or IP still active

2. Is the IP still active

Then the developer can use other tools and email to decide what to do with that key.

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Dave Member
Dave Jul 19 '18
Of course there will, the best survive and will thrive. 

I have no issues ghost with people that disagree with me, if i did well you know the history of me and you.   I believe that makes my point exactly.   What i do have issue with is people trying to challenge my ethics and my honesty just to justify their BS remarks. 

So lets continue with the challenge of making oxwall and owengine great and leave the trolls behind...  :)


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Ketil Ervik Member
Ketil Ervik Jul 19 '18
Am still use owengine, so thats the problem? Contun ant devlop owengine. Bugg fiks and move on.