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Alexander Jun 24 '18

Owengine errors and Log files

A log file contains important information about certain events occurring in your website, Owengine includes 2 log files inside this dir: "ow_log"

error.log - This is a plain text file, which contains all errors, exceptions, warnings and notices that your website does have. This file is important when it comes to solve errors in your website, if a developer asks you for the "Owengine error log file", this is the one you should send them.

cron_error.log - This file is just like the error.log, but this contains all errors, exceptions, warnings and notices that happens when the cron runs.

You do not need to enable debug mode, error log is always being written when an error happens.

Other errors

When you see an error 500, no errors are written in error.log file, it means there is a error that doesn't let Owengine work as it should and (in most cases) a blank page is displayed. When need to login into your hosting control panel and get the apache error log. I will post another topic on how to get the apache error log.

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