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SR Admin
SR Jun 24 '18
We have simple rules to follow:

1  -  Search in the forum before posting something. Maybe your question has been answered before.

2  -  Start a new topic if you find no solution for your problem or want to talk about something that has not been discussed before.

3  -  Stay on topic. If you start posting off topic messages, your message will be erased with no previous advice.

4  -  Be polite and respect others. We do not tolerate users insulting other users, nothing good comes from that.

5  -  Do not post NSFW material. If your website is for adults only, do not post the screenshots displaying nudity or images not safe for work. Urls are allowed, but you have to state that the url is NSFW.

This rules may change in time, when they do, you will see the date of the last change in here.

Rules added on June 25, 2018.

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