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SR Admin
SR May 28 '18
Yes, we are going to make an App, please read this crowdfunding project and let us know what do you think, what are your concerns, and what do you think this app should be able to do. 

We love to hear new ideas.


SR Admin
SR May 28 '18
Thank you Lee, we would like to see what others think about it.

I saw this website you posted, they just use responsive theme built in. If you have a responsive theme in your Owengine/Oxwall website will look better than that platform and mobile users can use all features from your website too, or am I missing something?

Jake | JBTech Member
Jake | JBTech May 29 '18


You have to pay Google/Apple to publish your applications onto their respective stores. They, in no way, brand theirselves on your applications.

You're thinking of solutions for mobiles apps, in which most will not provide white labeling (using your own branding) unless you pay large amounts. Also, una is like its own software for communities - you can't really make an "owengine" version because owengine is a branch off of Oxwall software, not una.

As for the idea of an open-source mobile application for the software, I think that's always a beautiful idea to chase after but considering you want to raise $10,000 to work on one and release it, it might be a bit out of reach for some years to come. One of Oxwall's identifiers is the fact it's free, and a lot of users aren't exactly on the high-budget end, meaning trying to round up the community to come up with $10,000 to make an app and then open source it would be a stretch. If it did happen, I'm advising it would be tough as well for people to set it up on their own - something like that needs premium support to get done correctly for all.

I think a cheaper way to go at the moment is to take something like Cordova and "appify" the core Oxwall mobile website. Would definitely be light-years cheaper.

SR Admin
SR May 29 '18
Lee I get your point now, I missed the progressive app part.

Yes that's the main problem we are trying to achieve making this new software, we want to make it better, mobiles are future and we want to make everything we can to make it work better in mobiles. This progressive apps, we already made a few in the past, is not so difficult to achieve.

I love the idea to make all the changes needed to make it work as a progressive web app, however, you have to consider there is a lot of stuff a progressive web app cannot do and a NATIVE APP can, that's why we are going to make a Native App too. 

When you Disable site mobile version your website looks better with a responsive theme and the mobile user can access to all functionalities of the desktop version. I think Mobile version should be disabled as default for new installations, because it just has not all functionalities as the desktop version, not all plugins include Mobile version support.

White label App, yes if you want a white label app you should get approval from us. Yes, you need Google / Apple approval for publishing such App, for some users who already have apps in those stores is not a big deal, in the other hand, it is a great help for growing their business to have a Native App in those stores, I always get asked by my users where can they download our App, but we have no App yet, so I'm seeing the need of an App everyday.

Jake, you are right in that working with Cordoba would be faster and cheaper, but new technologies are moving fast forward  right now, working with Cordoba would require us to stay behind the others, we want to step ahead not behind the competitors.

When we started Owengine we had the support of a few customers from us, and we decided to publish the first version so the community can benefit from it for free as welll, that was just the starting point, now we are moving forward, time will give us the answer on what to do with the App, if open source the App or not, we still don't know it yet, what we know is we want to work with the new technologies and be better than our competitors always.


Another point to have a progressive web app is you can have adult content and you need no permission from Apple or Google to do it. This is one of the main reasons I agree on working with this Progressive web apps.

Another Edit:

We are not asking 10 thousand to start, we are starting already. We consider this is the money this kind of app need to be done, you can choose to donate or not, we still making it even with or without your donation, with donations we can work faster of course and Open Source it. Without donations we are forced to sell licenses.

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Jake | JBTech Member
Jake | JBTech May 29 '18

Okay, I see. Thanks for clarifying :)

I can say I appreciate the want to offer an open-source app files for the software, but it would truly be a difficult task to do so. I am interested to see where it goes.

SR Admin
SR Jun 18 '18
We have no plugins yet, we are core software only. Owengine is fully compatible with all Oxwall plugins, if you are looking for something and there is no such plugin in the Oxwall store, you can make a plugin request in here, I'm sure somebody will be able to make it when we have the store ready.