Frequent Asked Questions

OWENGINE is the best core CMS, our main goal is to give you the best tool that fits every website project. Soon you will forget that other CMS exists. We use the Oxwall core as our base to build OWENGINE.

How did OWENGINE born?
We have been using and following Oxwall since a lot of years, since the project was called OpenWack, we have seen it has a lot of potential, however it is been used for community websites and dating websites only.
We know that if we make some changes, add some features and make all the security updates, the core can compete with other CMS and Commerce solutions and beat them all with the help of the community. That's how we decided to make it happen and we chose to put a new name for our project.

What does it mean the name "OWENGINE"?
An engine is the most important part of everything, if you have a strong and reliable engine, you can beat all the competitors. We took Oxwall, removed all unrequired core code and unrequired plugins, and we got the "core" only, this core is our ENGINE which we are tweaking and adding features to make it work for every kind of project that you want and need. We added the OW at the beginning of the name to make reference to the original project OxWall.

Is OWENGINE a replacement for Oxwall?
Yes and No.
Yes: Because if you want to, you can change the engine of your Oxwall website for OWENGINE and it will work better and will have all the new features that we are adding.
No: Because Oxwall project is not dead, so if the original developer decide to release a new update you can still keep using the original Oxwall Software.

I'm still confused, why do I need OWENGINE?
It is up to you to decide if you need OWENGINE or not. Our goal is to keep the OWENGINE up to date with the latest security updates and bugfixes.

Can I install OWENGINE in a new server?
Yes, you can.

Can I update an existing Oxwall website with the newest OWENGINE?
Yes, you can.

It is safe to update an old Website to OWENGINE?
We recommend you to update to the latest Oxwall version before make the update to the new OWENGINE.

Is OWENGINE compatible with Skadate?
No, Skadate is the paid version of Oxwall, it includes some extra features that we cannot ensure that will work with OWENGINE.

Is OWENGINE compatible with PHP 7?

Is OWENGINE compatible with MariaDB or MySQL?
It is compatible with both.

Is OWENGINE legal?
Yes, it is totally legal, we took a Open Source project and we modified it, the resulting software with the name OWENGINE is licensed under the same license CPAL 1.0

Why is there a "OWENGINE" logo at the footer of my website?
As a way of make the software free for all we added a little attribution link, you agree to use the software under the terms of the license, which includes that attribution link to "".

Can I remove the OWENGINE attribution link from my website?
Yes, we are accepting donations to make the software strongest, send us a donation and you will be able to remove the attribution link from one domain.

Why is there a "Oxwall Software" logo at the footer of my website?
We are based on the Oxwall Core, the Oxwall license lets us to edit, use and redistribute the software with one condition, we have to keep the "Oxwall Software attribution link and logo" at the footer, so that's why.

May I remove the the Oxwall Software at the bottom of my website?
To remove the Oxwall attribution link, you must send a donation to the Oxwall project on