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Project description

The goal is simple, we are going to create the first native App for Owengine websites.

- It must be compatible with Android and iOS.

- It must be compatible with Owengine websites.

- It must be compatible with plugins.

- It must be ready for any kind of website (Social Network, Dating website, Store, Blog, Forum, etc)

We already have big ideas on how to accomplish this huge work, we know we can make it real, here is some question you may have and their answers:

Will it be Open Source?

It depends on how much funds we rise to make this app. We are still considering if we release it as Open Source or give licenses to the donators Only.

Why is the goal $10 000 USD?

This is what we consider this app cost to make, take this in consideration before asking us to Open Source it, meaning that we need Donators + Contributors. If you want us to open source it, please help us to reach the goal faster.

How long until the release of the Owengine App first version?

We have an ETA to release first version on December 2018.

Will all my old plugins work in this new App?

We will make it easy for plugin developers to add compatibility with their own plugins, to make this happen, plugin developers need to update their plugins.

Will my themes work in this app?

We will make it easy for theme developers to add compatibility with their themes.

Another point in consideration is we will be adding the store in Owengine website before the app is ready, so you will be able to buy plugins to extend the App functionality as soon as the App is released.

We will force devs to make their plugins compatible with this app.

There is a lot of information that we need to process before giving more news, we will update this crowdfunding project in a few weeks.

Thank you for your support.

Owengine Team.

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