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Project description

UPDATE, please read the update at the bottom!

The goal is to make a free basic store plugin where the website owner can sell their products in their website.

It is a plugin needed by the community, all the best CMS does have a free basic Store plugin such as WooCommerce for Wordpress or VirtueMart for Joomla. 

In the first release we are focusing on the basic features only, once we release the first version you will be able to start requesting features that you think that should be added in the pro version or as addons (plugins).

We decided to start this plugin a crowdfounding project as we intend to release the plugin for free in the first version, the names of the users who donate to this first version will be displayed in the Supporters page (if you don't want us to add your name to the supporter's page just send us a PM).

The goal is to reach 800 USD for the first free version. 

We are currently working on adding the features, we will announce the release date as soon as we reach the goal.

Features included in this version:


- Catalog style without purchase buttons.

- Store style with purchase button on each item.

- Item's page with description and photos.

- Home store's page

- List of items.

- List of items of each category.

- Categories tree menu.

- Widget in the index page with the most recent items.


- Add, edit and delete item.

- Add, edit and delete category.

- Categories tree. Each category can have a parent 3 levels max.


Great news!

We have a release date for this basic store.

The FREE basic store plugin will be ready and released on July 30, 2018


Store almost ready. We will update this again in 1 or 2 weeks from now.

We are making tests and code validation. We want to be 100% sure everything works as intended, fix anything before launching. Quality control.

The Wall

Jake | JBTech Member
Jul 30 '18
Any update?
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