OWENGINE core bug fixes and security updates.


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Target amount 4000
Current amount 800

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Magnus Strauß Apr 9 '18, 08:12
Amount: USD100
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Modd Sep 22 '17, 05:17
Amount: USD200
SR Admin
SR Sep 22 '17, 05:12
Amount: USD500

Project description


We are working on fixing bugs to make the software more stable, if you want to contribute let us know what do you want us to fix so we can add it to the TODO list.

If 150 users donate at least 20 USD each one, we will reach the target easily. The ones that donate more, will be the bugs with more priority and will be the ones that will be fixed faster.

PHP 7 is the new technology, it is imperative to make all your websites fully compatible with all the new technology and security to avoid hackers.

There is already in the TODO list:

Make the core fully compatible with PHP 7.

Installation files compatible with PHP 7 and PHP 5.6 and 5.5

Update of the WideImage library .

Update of the SecureImage library.

Update of the PHPMailer library. (Old PHPMailer is vulnerable to hackers).

Make all the testing with all free plugins to ensure full compatibility so your website doesn't break.

Autofix the wrongly rotated avatars. Only new ones will be autofixed, the ones that are already on the website have lost the metadata so it is impossible to do it automatically.

Other requested bugfixes will be added to the list as soon as we get your donations.

Our goal is to release the first update on December 1, 2017.

All updates added by the Oxwall team in their free version will be added on OWENGINE too as soon as we test them and see that there is no bugs and/or we finish to fix the new bugs.

If you have any other questions you can send me a private message.


News of this project: This project has been delayed.

Our intention was to release the first version on December, 2017. We have been working on a lot of bugs and improvements since we started this project, donations are not coming as fast as we tough and we are donating our time and money to this project. Right now we have no new ETA for this project release. We will update this project's description as soon as we get one.



Good news everyone!

We got some funds from our customers that really want us to launch this software and make all improvements needed to be the best base for their social networks.

Now we are happy to announce the first release date, for real!

This software will be released on May 10, 2018.

So hold on tight, release date is coming fast!.

Thank you everybody for your support and trust.



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