Account Types

MEMBER All registered users are oficcially members of

VOLUNTEER This account type is assigned to the users that are helping others without asking anything in exchange. A volunteer is always trying to help the to OWENGINE and all the community members.
You don't need to ask to become a volunteer, if you are already an active member, we will notice you and we will give you this account type.

VIP To become a VIP member you need to donate to the OWENGINE project regularly, VIP Members are usually the ones that send us feature requests and bug fixes requests.

STAFF All original members of the OWENGINE project has become STAFF members, they usually work behind the scenes and do the office work.

MODERATOR They keep the forum and website clean, they are the first ones to see the forums and send your requests to the Developers and other Staff members

DEVELOPER Also known as Programmers and Designers, they do the hard work to fix bugs, add features, and new fresh designs for the OWENGINE project.

ADMIN All Staff Members, Moderators, and Developers are leadered by the ADMINS, they are the desition makers, thank's to them is that we have OWENGINE up and running.