The Valuable Role Aged Care Financial Advisors Play For The Elderly Community

age care employee taking care of an old woman

age care employee taking care of an old woman

Aged care financial advisors are experienced and expert operators who help to guide their client through a major transition in their life.

Whilst switching from full-time employment to a retired status might have been an unusual switch, this is a move that can feel disempowering.

As an adult who has spent decades living and caring for themselves, moving to a facility of this profile can be daunting and stressful to comprehend.

This is why engaging with a specialist provider regarding your aged care finance is so necessary, as their role will help to alleviate many of the issues that will emerge over the course of the transition.


Opening Dialogue With All Family Interests and Opinions

The first endeavour that aged care financial advisors will help their clients with is opening a dialogue with the family. From children to brothers and sisters and in-laws, there will be those parties that will be entrusted with walking the individual or couple through the process. This is where an open and honest discussion has to be had, asking them about their reservations about the move, what they want to take, what they want to leave behind, what assets they can cash in on, sources of income, a writing of a last will and testament, and any other details that emerge over the course of the discussion. They will be present and available for advice, but the important phase is beginning the talks in earnest.


Working Towards ACAT Process

old woman

The Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) will need to undertake a process before your aged care financial advisors can proceed with the other elements of their service. The main outcome they will wish to reach is placing the client into one of four key categories:

  • Level 1 – basic level
  • Level 2 – low level
  • Level 3 – intermediate level
  • Lever 4 – high level

The higher the need, the more government subsidies may be necessary for the individual. An income-tested care fee could also be part of the equation, but the assessment will help to outline to all parties what services are needed.


Calculating Ongoing Costs of Aged Care Services

From daily fees and accommodation lodgings to any potential meal or entertainment extras, aged care financial advisors are there to help the client manage any ongoing costs that feature as part of the agreement. There are residents who may still own property or manage assets outside of the residency in order to pass them onto next of kin.


Organising and Filing Documentation

Aged care financial advisors will undertake a lot of the necessary filing of documentation and legal papers. Including power of attorney, wills, guardianship and asset ownership, these small details will end up mattering in the grand scheme for families who need to ensure their affairs are in order.


Helping To Pick Out Facility Based On Key Criteria

Aged care financial advisors will have their own networks and relationships with various providers in the region, but one outlet in one location might be more suitable than another. These experts will help to guide the individual, couple or family through the appropriate options based on key criteria that is paramount to them. Living in close proximity to a son or daughter could be a preference, just as being close to a local and trusted doctor or hospital could be for another retiree.



Aged care financial advisors will help to lay the groundwork for this big switch. The more the client know ahead of time and can prepare for, the less daunting the endeavour will become. Honesty and clarity are the best tools in these moments, so it is wise to seek their counsel on the subject. Not only will they be there when the move happens, but they are available to offer ongoing counsel and advice for the benefit of the client and the family at large.








How to Prepare for Your Bligh Park Dental Practice Appointment

dentist checking a patient's teeth

Preparing for a visit to a Bligh Park dental expert might be simple for residents who see a trusted practitioner on a regular basis.

They are likely to know what the procedure is, where to park, how long to wait, what to read in the interim and how it all plays out.

Yet those unfamiliar to the process might want to know some tips ahead of time to have them ready and prepared.

dentist checking a patient's teeth


Ensure Dentist Has Dental Records

If you are visiting a Bligh Park dental practice for the first time having been situated somewhere else in Western Sydney or elsewhere around the country, it is wise to ensure that they have access to the dental records. These documents will give the specialist a gauge as to what has occurred in the past regarding any surgeries, alterations or treatments, offering a better picture and strategy about future steps to take during the appointment. The greater the transparency, the better they will be able to determine what is necessary and what other medical issues to look out for in the lead up to a consultation.


Undertake a Healthy Brush, Floss and Mouthwash

Given that a Bligh Park dental practice will recommend a general checkup once every six months, that accumulation of plaque cannot be eliminated through one comprehensive brushing session or a simple mouthwash. Yet it is helpful in the build up to the appointment to clear out any unwanted and lingering food scraps that makes for an unhealthy oral state. With a hearty floss to offer a precise attack on those little pieces, the dentist will be thankful for that work because it will require less to do on their end and allow them to see what potential cavities or gum issues are present.


Check Private Insurance Details

Although Medicare might be able to cover some types of basic treatments in certain circumstances, it will usually be specified private health insurance providers who offer tangible rebates through a Bligh Park dental practice. These practitioners and their secretaries will be able to talk openly about what insurers do cover and what features they should be prioritising for the types of treatments they will be needing. Whilst they cannot engage in conflicts of interest or push people to agreeing to a certain brand, their feedback is valued.


Have an Open Dialogue

Don’t hold anything back when it comes to discussing your oral health with a Bligh Park dental practice. From fears and anxieties about what can occur in the chair to concerns about payments or other logistical or medical issues, feel free to talk to them about those matters. Problems will arise when clients keep these fears and issues to themselves, only for that to later emerge when there is no recourse to pull back from a treatment or where a transaction has already been processed. There won’t be a Bligh Park dental practice that won’t have an open dialogue policy.


Confirm Appointment Time

It is of great frustration to any patient to have their appointment booked in with their Bligh Park dental practice, only for them to have to reschedule at a later date because of a backlog of other consultations. It is a rare occurrence and it is the duty of the practice to notify those who have already reserved their own time, but it is still worthwhile to ensure that everything is running on schedule as a final step. Sometimes there will be slight delays ranging anywhere from ten minutes to an hour or two, so ensure that they are not backlogged with other patients beforehand.



Choosing The Best Massage Chair For Your Home

Choosing The Best Massage Chair For Your Home

Selecting the best massage chair for your living room can be a really tough choice. Trying to find something that fits in with the décor and is the right size for all those who will be using it can be a complicated endeavour. Above everything else, just finding a chair or recliner that is comfortable and easy to maintain can take hours of consideration and in-store testing. So, if you are on the market for the best massage chair for your home, make sure you check out the following guide to help you through the process.


Choose a size

Before you start looking at styles or anything else, you need to know what size you’ll be aiming for. How much physical space have you left available in your living room? If your massage chair has a reclining option, then make sure you have left adequate room space to accommodate this function. If the chair is a present for a young child, then it obviously doesn’t have to be massive in size.


Seek comfort over style

massage chair

At the end of the day, do you want something that is comfortable or something that is stylish? There’s nothing saying you can’t necessarily have both, however, if it is a choice between comfort and style, you’ll definitely want the former. The best massage chair can be quite expensive, so you want something that is going to be the most valuable in the long run. You want a chair that is going to get plenty of use and become a family-favourite. A good massage is great for your mental health and boosting workplace productivity, so it could be a nifty addition to the office!


Try and fit it into the décor (if possible)

At the end of the day, comfort and utility should be the primary endeavour, however, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be looking for styles that will fit quite nicely with your current interior design and décor. The great thing about the market is that there are so many different styles and varieties available, so much so that it is unlikely that you won’t find something that will fit in well with your current style.


Have a set budget

No matter how good a massage chair may be, you don’t want to blow 2 months wages on it. This is why it is really important to have a maximum price in mind before heading to the store. There is no point looking at some of the more opulent and expensive options, because you might end up paying for something you really can’t afford. A lot of customers are impulse buyers, so the best way of preventing an impulsive decision is to avoid the catalyst. As soon as you walk into a furniture retailer, ask one of the sales reps for assistance and make sure they are aware of your price range. On the other hand, if you’re shopping online, use search filters to narrow down your search results. Easy!


When in doubt, go classic

If you are unsure about what type of style you want for your massage chair, go for a more classic model. This is because a classic style is generally the most adaptable and can generally fit in most interior spaces. Furthermore, the classic style breathes a certain level of class, traditionalism and sophistication that more modern, contemporary styles can’t really replicate.

Likewise, the more classic styles often have more durability, since they are often made from leather. Leather is quite easy to clean and maintain, particularly because spills don’t soak into the material is quickly. All you have to do is wipe down your leather massage chair every few weeks with a damp cloth. There are special cleaners available, however, a damp cloth will generally suffice.