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We are working on fixing bugs to make the software more stable, if you want to contribute let us know what do you want us to fix so we can add it to the TODO list.

If 150 u...

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Magnus Strauß Apr 9 '18, 08:12
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Modd Sep 22 '17, 05:17
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SR Sep 22 '17, 05:12
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Raised USD100 of USD800
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UPDATE, please read the update at the bottom!

The goal is to make a free basic store plugin where the website owner can sell their products in their website.

It is a plugin needed by the community, all the...

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SR Admin
SR Sep 23 '17, 00:15
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We took the Oxwall Community Software and we will make it great again!

We started removing all unrequired plugins, now we have the core only so we can mantain, then started fixing bugs, adding security updates, and we will be adding more features in time to time.

Our main goal is to that you can take the core that you already know and use it for your other projects like a professional store or market, a professional forum, a fast and strong blog, a dating website, etc... and you can update your current Oxwall powered Social Network too.

OWENGINE CMS is the only Oxwall alternative and it is fully compatible with Oxwall Community Software, all plugins that you buy in you can use them in OWENGINE. We use the same Licensing system, so you can use your own licences for the paid Plugins and Themes.

The full project is mantained by Donations, we are all volunteers of this awesome project so we need to get the funds to keep going on what we are best. You can choose how much you want to Donate on each part of the project, that way you know what is your money being used for.



We ensure that this software is free of bugs.

Great Updates

On every new version you get all the bugfixes we made.

Strong photo uploads

This software includes a strong and trusted photo upload system.


You can customize your own website with the best themes and plugins, all plugins compatibles with Oxwall are compatible with OWENGINE too!

Easy configuration

You don't need to know how to code to start your own website, it is easy to use and configure.

Oxwall Compatible

If you already have Oxwall you can update your software manually. OWENGINE is also compatible with all Oxwall's Plugins and Themes